A Stay Here Feels Like Mi Kasa!

We spent nights at the two-bedroom Penthouse Suite with a private pool and wasn’t available by our stay. The hotel is clean and modern with all the conveniences you need without breaking the bank. Our team of 4 adults has been greeted with yummy welcome beverages as the concierge personally escorted us to our package. When you walk in the lobby of this package, you will find two doorways.

One that opens to the ultimate package together with all the shared living area and bedroom, another begins around the 2nd master suite. Additionally, there are stairs at the lobby, which require you up to a private rooftop pool with a separate 1/2 bathroom. My sole complaint with the swimming pool was that there was a slew of mosquitoes at dusk. Therefore, it was not a fantastic location to get nightcaps (which is what we had been hoping for).

Our pool lights were not working during our stay and that I tripped on the stairs into the pool that left a massive gash in my leg. The resort did put a mild after that we whined, but the blood has been shed by then. Another fantastic thing about the penthouse is the butler elevator. We put our beverages inside the”butler” in the kitchen pressed a button, and voila, beverages were shipped upstairs for us to like.

We want priority status in the resort so we are ready to purchase from the complete menu for breakfast and it was yummy! We were the first guests; however, another two parties that came after we got their meals first.

It was rather stressful because we needed to grab the ADO bus Coba and required to wait for an hour for our food to arrive. I wish to thank the team for this enjoyable stay. It had been so amazingly considerate and such a beautiful touch. It is possible to inform the staff is quite pleased with this resort and fretting about their guests – they recommended to try the cozumel coral reef restoration program tours. We can not wait to come back!

By far, our best holiday! We spent six lovely days in their friendly resort. It felt just like home! The atmosphere was terrific, and the food is yummy!

The bikes we utilized from the resort, the hints they gave us where to see, the hospitality, and I can’t say enough. Rafael Pech and Santos Camal were amiable and careful. I did not wish to leave. An individual touch as if we were departing for a trip, they brought us out a to-go breakfast with java the other people in the van had been taken back by there lodging.