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This is one of these remains you will consider for some time – before your return. The resort is ideal in every manner: meals, beverages, views, rooms, massages, java, everything. Highly suggest walking into the local Kitchen Table for supper and benefiting from entry to Mi Amor, the sister hotel down the road.

Carefree, comfortable and relaxing, stay in Mezzanine. From our coming David till we abandoned David was grinning. He greeted us each time we watched him and he also recommended us a shore snorkeling in cozumel tour, answered all of our questions, setup bicycles, and a cab driver for a few of our times all graciously and quickly. While the resort is lovely, David made the experience glow.

I had been traveling with a buddy and asked about another mattress. Mezzanine kindly inserted a bed upstairs attic in the area without any issues. We’re in room three looking out in the sea with some chairs and a small table beside our field. Coffee was abandoned at our door every morning in precisely the same period we gave upon birth. In the evenings, a small tray with chocolates and tea were inside the room. The bed was comfy and simple to fall asleep because the resort is quiet at nighttime.

The property:
Is in the border of where the rocky coast and sandy shores come together. Slightly from the beach, there’s an area with a few hammocks appearing at sea, bed mats to put in sunlight, lounge chairs beneath the dining room to observe the sea from the comfort of color. The restaurant is upstairs at a well-kept location. A little bar sits just beneath the rear of the deck.

You can see everyone preparing the property daily. The property has bicycles for lease (approx.

Outgoing, friendly, useful. What can I say besides the team brings the resort to life? We felt welcomed and valued.

I had not planned on eating in the resort as I didn’t need Thai food while in Mexico. It was a fun meal.

Overall I’d recommend Mezzanine if you’re planning any moment in Tulum. You can not beat the location; the team is high level, fantastic center and reasonably priced.