Impeccable seafood

We asked the natives on 5th Avenue where to choose the very best lobster. The area looks like your mom and pop joint, with vinyl seats, etc., but do not allow the looks fool you. Just take some opportunity to drift up from 5th Ave. And also you won’t be let down.

Found this fish restaurant on a walk into Walmart. Four people went last night for supper. We had big fish cocktails – common one each between couples. Loaded with shrimp and yummy. 8 to 10 large prawns on each plate best we have had in seven decades of holidays.

Do not understand how we missed this location. We’ll be moving back a glimpse of the other dishes. Fantastic support and a lot of chairs and clean washrooms. Two beer per day and every meal came to $25 Cdn per individual. Today we’ve discovered this location we’ll be bypassing others which are double the cost.

We stopped in here for supper and were anticipating the fish choice. The ceviche was great. Virtually every entree had squid or shrimp. My husband does not eat shrimp and that I do not eat squid. But we discovered several choices. We are going to return if we’ve got friends that need squid or shrimp.

We ate here for lunch now and loved every second of it. Also, by recommendation, we’ll check the riviera maya fishing calendar so we can have a fishing trip with the family. We’d ceviche tostadas, shrimp tacos as well as the stocking a la Talla and enjoyed each and every bite. The ceremony was perfect and incredibly careful. The free chips and salsa were rather yummy, and in the end, we had been amazed to be talented a shot glass all cherry, Chile, and mezcal which was so tasty. We’d certainly recommend a meal.

The restaurant is somewhat tucked away. The fish was fresh and flavorful! English menus can be found, and the proprietor was useful also. Bar service is also available. All rates are fair. This is a far more real experience for outstanding fresh seafood when compared with the imitation 5th route tourist fare. This is our Christmas day dinner, and we adored it!

4.5 stars for certain. Rates are, and the food is excellent as well with a few neat things. Additionally, Anchondo shrimp are amazing (my sister loved the cherry shrimp) coconut shrimp were great with the cherry sauce. Sweet small children play area, and a couple of men dropped in to play a few tunes on the guitar. Excellent restaurant staff and very beneficial.