Impressive plant based eats!

I am not a full size vegan but my wife is and that I really do like to feel mild instead of heavy following dinner. My very first impression of the restaurant was something special out of LA. However, what amazed me most is that the menu; there are a ton of choices. The service was remarkable and the location was packed with beautiful looking people. It was a great vibe for sure.

I tried the Clorofila juice and got high on chlorophyll instantly (lol). Seriously, there are stalks of a type of grass in the beverage. I’ve never tasted anything entirely like it made me feel great. I’m always searching for a lentil burger and theirs is by far the best I’ve ever had anywhere on the planet.

You will not regret experiencing something similar to this restaurant! Favorable informative staff! They talked to us about a cozumel jeep adventure excursion we must take close to PDC. Flavorful smokey pastor taco! Fresh broccoli sushi! They grow all their ingredients and have superfoods store! I am vegan, my mom isn’t. We’re originally from Ukraine and currently reside in states. Our host, beautiful young cheerful girl with short blonde (Marianna?) Indicated a housemade basil lemonade and homemade kombucha. We got both were amazing.

Lemonade was light, refreshing and kombucha was yummy and… genuine! For our meal, we got the gluten-free pizza – El Pastor and finished with dessert – a brownie with vanilla ice cream. All vegan. The restaurant quickly became mom’s favorite location! (Again, reminder – she isn’t vegetarian ). I personally appreciated the sustainability and education component of it well – the back of the menus stocks, at a very kind manner, the doctrine of this place, the reason for vegetarian motion, and focus on shipping the most nutritionally dense and nourishing foods along with fulfilling the taste buds.

We also had the honor to meet the owner and the founder – Christian – that the very humble, enthusiastic and kind being. They clarified a bit more about the philosophy and aims of his work, describing the restaurant as a Lighthouse for its health and happiness for ourselves and our world, that may be achieved through simple choices we make 3 times every day. Needless to say we needed to return!

The second time around we have Mudra (mushroom and pecan distribute ), a sandwich and a different pizza. We finished with cornbread and ice cream. I highly recommend!

Clorofila is in a perfect intersection of supplying delicious foods, healthy fuel to our body, sustainability, ethics, environmentalism, and simple a stylish spot with some great vibes open to all.