Nice place in Holbox

A very wonderful location. Excellent rooms, fantastic breakfast. We stayed in one of those newest rooms, very fresh and clean. There no wifi. Air conditioning functioning nicely and two ceiling fan in the room. Paradise beach.

We had an area directly on the shore that was cool and comfy.

Upon entrance to the resort (we had been somewhat puzzled at the island frankly ) we obtained such outstanding service! Perfect action and restaurant recommendations, adorable room, and good breakfast. No AC if you’re expecting it.

The team is the best and most helpful! The area is beautiful and quite calm. The resort is conveniently situated right by the very best beach spot I have seen when exploring the island (the shore near Blat ha was considerably more beautiful than the beach in the town center ). It is a 15 minute walk into the city center, which I have walked two or 4 times daily – in Holbox scale it may look like a good deal but actually 15 minutes isn’t anything, and I would instead be found near an excellent beach spot in a fantastic resort and go into town to get meals and beverages than the other.

Prominent location with type staff close to the shore, I genuinely love this location. We spent 3nights there also it was a fantastic moment. The breakfast is somewhat sad, but you can purchase various other foods. Therefore it had been a problem. I want to come back again.

Lovely comfortable and friendly employees. The resort is found somewhat far from the downtown area, but the shore is super pleasant a very. I saw people going to the beach in this region that was remaining in the different places of the island. The reception staff advocated us excellent places to eat and see with no schedule of promoting anything to people.

Beautiful, eco-friendly resort. The exceptional vibe and feel with fantastic, friendly employees. The place is excellent since it’s away from busy downtown but a brief walk or bicycle ride from all of the restaurants and shops.